The World of Motion Graphics

During my time as a graphic designer for Sonoma State, I've taught myself a lot of new tricks in order to step up our front-end marketing. This includes daily research on graphic trends, innovate designs, and the learning of previously unfamiliar software and technology. With a need to captivate an audience in a highly stimulated environment, I turned to Adobe After Effects to create engaging and meaningful content. The software definitely comes with a steep learning curve, but the rewards far outweigh the struggle.

With digital signage covering almost every inch of our new student union building, motion advertisements have become a standard for our department. Movement, subtle effects, and ever-changing content have increased our audience significantly, and caters much more to today's college lifestyle of fast-paced environments and mobile interaction. Below are a few examples of advertisements I've made through a combination of photography, Photoshop, and After Effects.


This advertisement focused on the University Store's fitness-style clothing. I tried to emulate the atmosphere of a Nike or Adidas commercial while still retaining the uniqueness of the university brand.


In order to promote our new University Store seasonal lines, I created a set of four videos for each of the corresponding timeframes. This is for our Winter Collection, promoting clothing and accessories to keep customers dry and warm.


This ad was created to generate excitement regarding our one-year anniversary of the new student union. It proved a popular way to promote events to students.

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