New Site, New Beginnings

It's been a long time since I've written anything.


I mean a really long time. A really really long time. I honestly haven't written anything on the computer (of real value or length) since my send-off term paper almost a year ago. But it feels good to put words back on the screen and even better to finally start kicking off this site that has been sitting dormant for almost six months now.


Over the last year, a lot has happened to me in terms of career decisions, self-improvements and life goals. Of those, I was fortunate enough to land a graphic design job straight out of college. It certainly has its ups and downs, but it definitely beats the field of unemployment. Since I have no formal training in graphic design and a very limited (but growing!) knowledge of art fundamentals, the time spent here has certainly been trying, but in the long run, I'm hoping extremely rewarding. In some ways, stumbling blindly through certain projects has allowed me to develop more than if I were sitting at home, wasting away in front of the computer. I am forced to look for inspiration, to understand and grasp techniques and put it all together into a product I can be proud of. If the time spent is enjoyable, I take what I learned from that time and integrate it into a style I have spent the last two years building.

In addition to this interesting world of graphic design I have stumbled upon, I am also taking this year to begin my long journey of better understanding conceptual art. For me, concept art holds a special place in being able to take abstract imagination and bring it to the physical world. It is truly the passion that drives my being and hopefully one day, the career that drives my life. But as the rest of the creative industry, concept art comes with very loose standards but very fierce competition. It could take me years to find the workflow I will use to unleash my minds eye of people, events, technologies and worlds, but one I would love to start right now.

While this certainly counts as one such goal I wish to fulfill in my lifetime, the realities of life outside of the sheltered world of academics has left me to really contemplate what it is I want to do with my short time on this planet. While as not to say that the learning ever stops after K-12, career, personal and, most importantly, family goals are on the forefront of the mind in this delicate stage of life. For me, personal and career goals all boil down to one thing.


Amazing things. Things that inspire others. Things that put a smile on peoples faces. Things that at the end of my life, I can look back on and say, "wow, that was pretty damn cool". To me, getting paid is just a sweet, sweet bonus. And I would really like to do it as part of a small team. A team of dedicated individuals who share a common desire and understanding that the ability to take ideas and make them real, no matter how small or rough around the edges, is something worth experiencing, and a life worth living.

So I look forward to bringing forward more content on this site, only looking back to see how far I've come.

Cody FitzgeraldComment