Destiny Event Tracker

The Destiny: Public Event Tracker aimed to allow players quicker access to the information they need in a timely and effortless fashion.

Gaming has always been a huge part of my life, combining interactive storytelling with fantastical environments. One of the most fundamental elements in any game is the UI; the relationship with interface and the player is crucial in building an enjoyable experience.

One of the most successful interfaces in games can be seen in Bungie's Destiny. The interface is designed for quick and responsive menu navigation, making it a key factor in the Destiny experience. One core feature of Destiny's gameplay mechanics was the idea of Public Events: spontaneous gatherings of various players that rewarded teamwork with all-important loot. However, Bungie offered no way for players to track or locate these events unless you happened to be in the right place at the right time. I decided to try and tackle this issue by creating a mobile app that would display these events while remaining true to the core tenets of Destiny's UI structure.



The end goal

As I was working through the concept of this product, a few other web-only versions came online. They offered the same end goal, but the interfaces were cluttered and unintuitive. You would constantly need to consult a key to understand what was happening and where. I sought to differentiate my product in one key way: the user shouldn't spend longer than a few seconds finding what they need. The first step to this problem was to make the product mobile-first; users could quickly launch the app, find what they need, and get back to playing. The interface also needed to be straightforward and information hierarchy streamlined. I looked to achieve this highlighting the shortest event timer on the initial landing tile, followed by displaying imminent events front-and-center on each world tile.


In and out

On initial start, the user is greeted with a hero tile, which displays the shortest event timer from all locations. If the user wants to find an upcoming event on a specific planet, they could navigate to the Upcoming Events page and select a planet to view the specific location as well as the event type and options to either favorite or hide that particular event. Streamlining the information and the interface makes getting the information you need a simple two-step process.


Customize your experience

I also included a settings page that allowed each user to customize their player experience. Users can specify how far in advance they want to see events on the Upcoming Events page and even select the option to receive push notifications. From the Manage Events dropdown, users can remove favorited event notifications. The addition of settings created a unique experience for players that further expanded on our core goal: spending only a few seconds getting the information you need.